State Employees

We are proud to announce that Missouri State Workers are going back to the negotiations table! Please support us as we bargain a new contract with the State of Missouri. This particular bargaining unit includes the Dept. of Social Services (Family Support Division, Child Support Division, Children’s Services Division and Division of Youth Services), & Dept. of Health and Senior Services employees. We are fighting back after aggressive attacks by Missouri state legislators who seek to crush our union by ways of trying to eliminate payroll deduction and the grievance process (House Bill 1413, and Senate Bill 1007) August 2018. We are the only voice for hard working State Employees and the clients we serve. Our lives are literally on the line in this fight! Help us protect working families and children as we bargain to secure basic rights in the workplace!

Thank you all in advance for your support.

CWA Local 6355 members are encourage to wear RED every THURSDAY to show management that we mean business!