Parkway School District Members Vote to Ratify Agreement

On Saturday, March 7, Parkway CWA members voted to ratify the tentative three year agreement between the school district and the union.  Parkway CWA members have ten days to challenge the results.  All challenges must be directed to the CWA 6355 elections committee at 5585 Pershing Ave, Suite 150; Saint Louis, MO  63112 no later than March 17, 2015.  Any challenges will be resolved by the Elections Committee.  Unless there is additional notice given that there are unresolved challenges after March 17, 2015, the agreement will be considered ratified by the members.  Parkway Schools will present the tentative agreement to the Parkway Board of Education at their April 1, 2015 meeting.

If you would like information about the agreement, contact a steward or the CWA office.