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…because you believe in quality state services

Missouri State Workers rank last in wages compared to all other states. This lack of support for state workers directly impact services provided to our most vulnerable populations. CWA Local 6355 fights to better pay to support our workers who make sure the services are provided. Coupled with low wages, state workers have higher than management best practices recommended caseloads. State workers deserve to have a voice through collective bargaining and a fair and uniformed grievance procedure. It takes a united effort to ensure justice for all state workers and to raise the overall quality of state services.

…because you believe foster care providers deserve better

Foster care maintenance pay is the second lowest in the nation.  Foster care providers and children deserve a higher priority in the state of Missouri. Providers deserve to be fairly compensated for the services they provide our state’s most vulnerable children. Additionally, foster care providers are directly affected by the policies written by the Legislature and enforced by Children’s Division, yet have no seat at the table when these decisions are being made.  It is time for Missouri to prioritize foster care providers who know the true benefit of foster care for abused and neglected children. Foster care providers deserve a voice in the system they are a part of everyday.

… because you believe all workers deserve a voice if their work place

Management and the Legislators need to know our concerns. The Union is a vehicle for us to communicate with agency administrators and politicians. As a union we are able to effectively lobby and passage of bills that benefit state workers, foster care providers and parkway employees. We represent members who are subject to unjust discipline, inconsistent rules and arbitrary practices. We conduct surveys, circulate petitions, and enforce our rights. We are a reliable resource for information, connections, ideas and hope.

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