Who can join CWA Local 6355?

 Missouri state workers in the Department of Social Services or Department of Health and Senior Services, Foster Care Providers in Missouri, and Parkway School District custodial, warehouse, and security employees can join CWA Local 6355.

We all have a right to join a union! Missouri Constitution guarantees it. 

Section 29. Organized labor and collective bargaining.That employees shall have the right to organize and to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing. (Missouri Constitution, Art 1, § 29)

How do I join CWA Local 6355?

You can join CWA by filling out a membership form and giving it to an organizer, representative or directly to our office.

How much are dues?

Dues are deducted through workers pay checks at 1.15%. Foster care providers work on a bank draft, costing $20 per month. 

What are dues money used for?

CWA is solely funded through members’ dues, which keeps us independent and accountable to members. Funds are used to support direct organizing and activities to advance our members. 

Does any of my dues money support political candidates?

No dues are used for political activities. CWA Local 6355 and the national CWA union have a separate political action fund called CWA-COPE. COPE stands for Committee on Political Education. Members are encouraged to join COPE but are not required. See the COPE-Political section for more details.