CWA Triangle

CWA founding president, Joseph Beirne, called the triangle the “triple threat”.  As the world around us continues to change it is important to stick to our roots and utilize the triangle model in order to defend the rights of  members and their families.

CWA triangle


CWA grows when we are actively involved in building our union. ORGANIZING is the key to increase the power of our union. With the continual decline of unionized workers it is now more important than ever to stand together for justice in the work place. Organizing existing and new member increases the strength of our members and makes it necessary for management and Legislators to hear our voices.

Movement Building

MOVEMENT BUILDING is essential to maintaining the public’s support for our legislative goals, job security, standard of living and a fundamental right to organize. We also increase our political power by building coalitions for better legislation with other labor organizations and also with community-based groups who share a similar outlook. This program is particularly important in the current political climate, where Legislators prioritize capital before labor.


The base of CWA triangle is REPRESENTATION. Many join the union solely for better representation on the job. In fact, this is the primary purpose of the union and remains the base of our triangle.  Effective representation depends on our ability to increase CWA’s power through organizing and effective community and political action.