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COPE Application

Parkway COPE Application

Why Join COPE?

State employees and state services are under constant attack, and COPE is one way to build the political power to fight back.  Budget cuts, privatization, and our own salaries and health care are all controlled by the Missouri Legislature and other elected officials.  Politics affect our lives every day.

In elections, the privateers and budget slashers hope they can increase their strength and step up their attacks.  We plan to elect only responsible legislators and defeat the privateers.  We plan to support the legislators who have risked their political careers to defend state employees and working Missourians.

People make a lot of difference, but it still takes money to win elections.  Wealthy corporations and individuals put up large contributions to help elect their friends.  We need more of our friends in elected offices.  As an organization of working people, CWA will never have the kind of money big businesses have to spend on politics, but by combining our dollars with grassroots activism of more than 700,000 CWA families across America, we can guarantee that candidates who stand with us have the strength to wage winning campaigns.  Your contribution can give public workers the strength we need in Washington.

We plan to make a difference, with people power and money power.

What happens to the money I give?

CWA-COPE funds are used for direct contributions to the election campaigns of candidates who are committed to supporting us, and for lobbying and other activities that help us win on issues that affect us and the services we provide.

CWA-COPE also provides information to union families about  candidates and their positions on the issues affecting their lives.  Decent health care, overtime pay, safe working conditions, family-friendly workplaces, retirement security, and the freedom to organize are among the concerns influenced by the political process.  CWA-COPE endorses candidates, regardless of political party, who support working families. 

Does my COPE contribution really make a difference?

In the Missouri Legislature, dozens of legislators fought hard against the constant attempts to slash our budgets, privatize our jobs, and cut our health care.  Many of those legislators were elected with the help of COPE funds.  However, we still don’t have enough friends in the Legislature, and many legislators who support us will be targeted for defeat in the next elections.  Our COPE contributions help elect people who will stand up for our interests.

But isn’t this what dues are for?

CWA can only use voluntary dollars to contribute to an endorsed candidate for office.  No union dues money of any kind can be given to a political candidate or national political party.

Join COPE today and make sure your voice is being heard by Missouri Legislators!