About Missouri State Workers Union

CWA Local 6355, the Missouri State Workers Union, began in 1984, when a group of state workers in the Missouri Department of Social Services, tired of low pay and overwhelming caseloads, started organizing so they could have a union that would represent their interests in Jefferson City. Workers decided to join forces with CWA (Communication Workers of America), which had just won an election to represent thousands of state workers in New Jersey and was busy organizing state workers in Texas and across the nation. State workers in Missouri were excited to know that they could join together in a union that was fighting and winning all across the United States!

On July 12th 1984 state workers in the Department of Social Services made a historic decision and voted almost three to one to join with CWA to fight for justice for state workers. DSS workers had their union and it was CWA. Within two years CWA members had already won a 17% pay raise!

In 1989 workers decided it would be more effective to have all state workers under one local and CWA Local 6355, The Missouri State Workers Union was officially born. With all state workers unified under one local state workers again won pay raises, increased staffing and expanded health care coverage. Workers continued to show the state our strength and we continued to organize towards our next major victory.