CWA Nominations Notice

On September 2, 2014 Elections Committee members Rachel Zaron, Lori Kintz and Holly Roe secured the nominations that had been mailed to the CWA elections post office box.

The Committee reports that they have received valid nominations for the following offices:

Bradley Harmon, for President
Natashia Pickens, for Vice President
Catie Shinn, for Secretary/Treasurer
Elliott Boone, for DSS Area Representative, Greater Kansas City 
Janet Delana, for DSS Area Representative, North Missouri 
Vicki Hurt, for DSS Area Representative, Southwest Missouri 
Jamie Reed, for DSS Area Representative, Greater St Louis
Sandy Landers, for DSS Area Representative, Southeast Missouri.

The nominated candidates have until September 9 to confirm in writing that they have accepted the nominations. CWA Local 6355 members may lodge challenges to any of these nominations with the Elections Committee for a limited period of time. Additional notice will be mailed to all members on or about September 9, 2014, including the final deadline for lodging challenges.

Nominations are now closed. If no valid challenges are received, since no offices are contested, all of the candidates who were nominated and who made a written acceptance of their nomination by 9/9/14 will be certified elected by acclamation, as per the Bylaws of CWA Local 6355 and the CWA Constitution.

To contact a member of the Elections Committee, call CWA Local 6355 at 314-454-1688.

Congratulations to all of our nominees!