Contract Negotiations are Upon Us

Take our 2014 Bargaining Survey!

In just a matter of weeks negotiations for our next contract will open. Now is the best time to tell your union about your priorities for our next contract. Take the survey here. Make sure to tell your co-workers to take it as well. The survey is open to members and non-members alike.

Join the Fight to Save Family Support Division!

The Family Support Division (FSD) has announced its proposal to eliminated over 700 full-time positions and limit case processing to a select number of counties. We have never faced a challenge like this. If the proposal is enacted FSD will end as we know it. They have forgotten that WE HAVE A VOICE. There has never been a more important time than today to get involved and become active.  The only way we can win this is if FSD staff stands together with CWA and together we bring the true power of numbers to enact change. Check out links below for more information, and take these three easy steps to build momentum.

1. Come to a mini-lobby day. Lobby days are an opportunity to chip away at this plan. We need to show the elected officials in Jefferson City that real people all across the state are being moved to action on this terrible plan.

2. Talk to your co-workers. There is an old saying together we stand, divided we fall. Make sure your co-workers know about the plan, CWAs plan to defeat it, and how important it is to stand together. Even the best plan in the world cannot move if no one is behind it, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK.

3. Join and organize informational meetings at your office. In offices that organize meetings of at least 10 people, CWA will send a union representative to present on the FSD plan. These meetings build power locally to assist in the statewide fight.

Now is the time to WAKE UP, STAND UP, SPEAK UP, AND FIGHT BACK! Get involved today because if its not you, then who? Our future is at stake!

 Family Support Division Reorganization